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Perkins Athletic Booster Club Reverse Raffle Official Rules

Main Raffle

  1. Each $100 ticket includes 2 meals and 2 admissions into the event, and unlimited drinks.

  2. There will be 299 tickets sold at $100 each. One ticket will be held back and raffled off at the event, known as the “Orphan Ticket”.

  3. Tickets can be purchased all evening long at the event for a chance to win the orphan ticket for $10 each.

  4. After the 290th main raffle ticket is drawn the main raffle will stop, and the winning $10 orphan raffle ticket will be drawn. The winner's name of the orphan ticket will be written on the orphan ticket and the orphan ticket will be sealed in the same small envelope as remaining tickets and placed in the barrel along with the remaining 9 tickets. At this point there should be 10 reverse raffle tickets in the barrel. The main raffle will then start again.

  5. The registered ticket owner does not need to be present at the event in order to win any of the main raffle cash prizes.

  6. Ticket owners that are not coming to the event may have a representative at the event to make decisions on their behalf if their ticket ends up in the remaining top five tickets of the drawing. The raffle committee must be notified in writing by the actual ticket owner as to whom their designated representative is prior to the raffle starting. The notification can be emailed to:

  7. The actual ticket owner or their registered representative must be present in order to win the trip voucher or a prize at the losers table.

  8. Splitting the 5 top cash prizes in the main raffle is allowed, however all remaining ticket owners or their representatives have to unanimously agree to split the cash. If only 1 wants to proceed then no splitting is allowed. Splitting the remaining cash prizes will be addressed after each of the five remaining tickets is eliminated. All Remaining 5 ticket owners must be present, or have a prior approved representative present in their behalf, (see #6) All Remaining ticket owners have to unanimously agree to split the remaining prize money.

  9. Reverse Raffle tickets cannot be resold by the owners. If the owner wants out of the raffle they must inform the raffle committee, then that ticket goes back to the raffle committee for reassignment.

  10. A ticket owner or owners may and will NOT be contacted by phone or text if he or she is not present at the event in order to obtain how they want to proceed (split or not split) if their ticket is in the top 5. The raffle committee will not accept this type of communication and the ticket will be played as a NON SPLIT ticket.

  11. 11. All ticket owners MUST have their payment into the committee by the set Final Date for registration. The raffle committee will make every possible effort via emails and social media postings to contact the ticket owners and advise them of the cut off date for ticket registration. If payment is not received by that date their ticket will be forfeited and given to the next person on the waiting list.

  12. In the unfortunate event that the ticket owner passes away and there is only one registered owner on the ticket then that ticket goes back to the raffle committee to be reassigned to someone on the waiting list. If the ticket has more than one registered owner then the remaining owner or owners maintain ownership of that ticket if they desire.

  13. One reverse raffle ticket will be offered to the sitting /current Perkins High School Athletic Director. He or She will have the opportunity to purchase it for $100, If they do not want it it will go back to the Raffle Committee.

Side Prize Table and Cash Games

  1. If you purchase tickets for the side table raffle prizes you do not need to be present to win those prizes. Winners will be contacted by the raffle committee, and the winners must claim those prizes within two weeks of notification at the designated pickup location.

  2. Winners of any cash side raffles such as 50/50 drawings, card board games, MUST be present to win those prizes.

  3. If tickets are being sold on a side raffle ticket board, those winners may not split the top prizes, and those ticket holders must be present to win that money.

Premium Prizes

  1. Winners of any bigger premium prizes sold in separate raffles do not have to be present to win that prize. The winners will be contacted by the committee, and the winners must claim that prize within two weeks of notification at the designated pickup location, if the prize is not picked up within the set time then the prize is forfeited.

  2. The ticket owner or approved designee must be present to win the Trip Voucher. If a ticket is drawn and the registered ticket owner or their approved designee is not present then another ticket will be drawn until a ticket is drawn that the owner or approved designee is present.

General Rules

  1. The Raffle committee has the right to remove any disorderly or intoxicated person or persons from the event or have them removed by local authorities.

  2. Any person or persons at the event causing property damage inside or outside the event venue will be held fully responsible for that damage.

  3. The Perkins Athletic Booster Club is not responsible for any physical injuries, property / vehicle damage and lost or stolen property that may occur by anyone attending the Reverse Raffle.

  4. If the ticket holder is not coming to the event he /she may allow someone to come into the event for the meals and drinks under their ticket number. Only two admissions are allowed into the event per ticket. The raffle committee must be notified in writing prior to the event of the two people coming to the raffle under their ticket number. Those people are not automatically the original owners representative unless prior written notification is given to the raffle committee, prior to the reverse raffle.

  5. To change,add, or delete any of these rules a majority of the raffle committee is required.

  6. In the event of a dispute the raffle committee will convene and discuss the issue and a determination will be made and agreed upon by a majority of the committee members.

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